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3/4 size acoustic?

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I'd like to start off by saying I'm a beginner and extremely excited by the progress I've made since finding this site.

My question: I have small hands and short fingers and I'm having a difficult time playing any chord, over two frets, sound true. I also play sitting down and after playing awhile, the body of my full size guitar digs into my strumming arm .. and it hurts!

After reading the stickie regarding the different types of acoustic guitars, I'm wondering if a 3/4 size might be a better option for me. Should I be concerned that a 3/4 size guitar only give 3/4 of the sound of a full sized guitar? Is what I gain in comfort worth the loss of tone (if there is any)?

And lastly, can anyone recommend a good 3/4 size guitar for a beginner in the $300 to $400 dollar price range?


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I agree with allthumbs, parlour guitars are a better chioce and you won't grow out of it. You will be amazed with the sound too. Be sure to check width at nut. I have one with full 1 3/4" you may not want that if you have smaller hands.


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Taylor makes a Big Baby which is 15/16ths, so it is just a little bit smaller. I have small hands and I am seriously considering this as an option.


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