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weird noise on only 1 fret

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When I bought my guitar, I had the same problem with 1st string 2nd, 5th and 7th fret... I had a buzz on them... You should look at your frets... Pick up your guitar and look down the fretboard... So, your nose should be at the bottom of the guitar body and you should look over the bridge and toward the head of your guitar... You should see frets laying horizontally and they should be all the same heights... Actually, from that angle frets look like they form a surface, you cannot see the gap between them... When I did that, I saw all the frets were the same heights, but 2nd, 5th and 7th were gradually lowering as they were closer to the 1st string, i.e. they had the same height as other frets under 6th string but they were lower then other frets under 1st string... I could see the gap e.g. between 1st and 2nd fret because 2nd fret was lower... Same between 5th and 4th, and 7th and 6th...

I took my guitar to a repairman and he fixed it... I don't know what he did, had he put new frets or took off the original ones, somehow straightened them and put them back on... All I know is that the buzz is gone... :)

Sounds to me that you have the same problem... I'm almost sure the fret is the problem, 2nd too low or 3rd too high... So I hope I had explained how I had "examined" those frets... Anyway maybe if you like that guitar you should take it repaired too... I don't have any idea how much would he charge you but I don't think it is hard to fix... Hope I have helped...

All best

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I still think it won't be anything major. Usually alot of problems like this have very simple causes.

The question is what? :)

You replaced the strings on it with good quality strings? :dunno:

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Take it to a local music/guitar store that does repairs and let them know you have a fret buzz and they should be able to file down the raised portion of the fret and shouldn't charge that much .....you can do it yourself but you stand a chance of leaving sharp spots or filing too much and causing the string to slide down the new grade forcing a bend when you don't want it to bend.

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