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sugesstion; arragnement section

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Yust had an idea for this site, Why not make a arragnement section where

members together can create a song in fingerpickingstyle. For me for example i sometimes figure out a intro and a verse part of a song and i got stuck on the chorus part so i yust forget about the song. But with the help of others members the song can be completed (a couple of weeks ago i did this with a song caled 'Wonderful world'"). When you look at the huge number of request songs for Kirk's weekly lesson there's a lot of work to do. And there are a lot of guitarplayers who can't do this by himselfs. A seperate section for this should be a lot of creative fun..."i think".

By the way, i have a bad writing style in english.. but i'll do my very best to make it readeble.

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