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whats your favorite music?

whats your favorite kind of music?  

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  1. 1. whats your favorite kind of music?

    • rock
    • classic rock
    • metal
    • screamo
    • country
    • southern rock

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Classical music and instrumental guitar players pretty much sums it up

You into michael angelo batio? I am a huge fan. I have a poster on my wall of him that says "To Jessica" signed by him personally!

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I'm a huge fan as well been to many of his clinics! I can play some of No Boundries but that is a hard song rofl I have been listening to a lot of Rusty Cooley and Ilan Ashkenazi lately which is in the vein of Angelo only at the next level to put it mildly..They are probablly the fastest and cleanest guitar players ot there. I spend all my nights trying to play my favorite songs from the best shredders. Last week was Tony McAlpine and Greg Howe and as of late I've been learning under UNDER THE INFLUENCE by Rusty Cooley which some sweeps and note runs are very hard and ENDURANCE by Ashkenazi which some of the 32 notes are almost impossible I don't get how someone can pick that fast. I remember how hard those 16 note triplets were to pick from MAB's No Boundries lofl! This is just insane tho. Here are videos of both entire songs:



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After seeing the age demographics, I'm not surprised that classic rock won. A lot of old guys like me that can finally afford a guitar.

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A child of the seventies am I......

I was really into Free (My #1 group), but had vinyl in abundance by such groups as Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath. I also had a great liking for Tull, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Family.....just to name a few.

Ahhhhhh!!! The good old Days!! :punk:

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