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Andy S

Diggs & del.icio.us?

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In the lower right corner of each post, there are two little icons. If you put the mouse pointer over them one says, "post to diggs" the other says "post to del.icio.us"

or something like that. What are these for, just out of curiousity.


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Hi Andy,

I thought someone might ask that. del.icio.us is basically (as described on the del.icio.us site) a social bookmarks manager. It's a way to save your favorites/bookmarks remotely... and it's a way to share your favorite bookmarks with others. The more often a member saves a site (or web page) as a favorite, the higher it ranks on on the del.icio.us site. So for example if someone was searching for a guitar site for beginners, the results that would be given would be in order of the amount of times that page had been saved as a bookmark on the del.icio.us site.

There's obviously a bit more to it than that, but basically that's what it is... I've added it here on the forum to encourage members who use del.icio.us to add any thread that they find of interest as a bookamrk in their del.icio.us account.

If you haven't had a look at the del.icio.us, you should check it out. I have imported all my IE and Firefox bookmarks into del.icio.us. It'll help me keep things organised. I use two computers and four browsers and my bookmarks/favorites are all over the place. It's very annoying and this will hopefully help solve the problem. There's also the option to keep your bookmarked pages private if you want that.

Digg.com is basically a place where content is submitted and rated by the Digg community.

All in all, it's just another way of getting the word out there about GFB&B.


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