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Can I fix it?

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LOL no problems! And a thank you as well! I was trying to avoid replacing the whole tuner to just replace the one button, or even all 6. I'll have to check out eBay too :-)

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I get your point that you are trying to replace just the button, but I think you would find that completely changing the tuners will in the end be cheaper and provide better results.

Here's the issues I have ran it to:

1) Its tough to find one button that matches the other 5.

2) On low end guitar's, the replacement button will have to be glued or melted on the post. For me, they always seem to break or come lose after very little use.

3) Some of the replacement buttons cost more than the complete set of economy tuners.

Think you mentioned your husband was a weilder. Maybe he could braze on a dime or penny on the post. That would make for an interesting button.


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