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Brand new to playing the guitar?...read this first.

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Hi, and welcome to the Guitar for Beginners and Beyond discussion forum...

To make it easier for those of you who have just started playing the guitar, I've listed below links to other parts of the Guitar for Beginners & Beyond site.

You'll find most of the basics are covered here along with examples.


The Guitar

About guitars in general - Buying a guitar - Tuning your guitar - Re-stringing your guitar - The anatomy of a guitar


What is Music?

What is music? - Notes - The major scale - Time and tempo



Chords defined - The open chords - Chord progressions - Other chords - Extended chords - Barre chords - Easy barre chords - Chord pictorial - Chord finder


Playing the guitar

Playing the guitar - Strumming - Fingerpicking - Hammer ons - Pull offs - Harmonics - Vibrato - Bending - Sliding - Muting - Slide guitar - Reading tablature


Kirk's Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons - this is where you'll find over 100 of Kirk's fingerstyle guitar lessons. Video examples and TAB with all lessons.

Any questions, just come back to the forum and ask away.


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