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Rate These Guitars !!!!!

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1)Esp Kh202

hey im looking at these guitars, look pretty nice and pretty cheap,and its a kirk hammett singnature model.what do you think of this guitar?also on the bottom of the page wat is the buddy talking about? pinch squeals?


2)Esp Ltd Ex-400

looks pretty nice since i do like the explorer style guitars,i wonder if this guiar is good for solos?


3)Ibanez JS 100

looks nice to me, joes signature too.


4)Jackson SLSMg

its says it used for metal but i think it can be used 4 different styles to.


5)Anyone know a real nice explorer for soloing because i really love the looks of explorers.


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I don't play metal or wheedly guitar so i can't help much. If you want to do rock hero dives than go with the floyd rose trem,but keep in mind they are a pain changing strings. The reviews seem to rate them all around the same quality so it boils down to what sound apeals to you.Listen to guys who play them and try to find clips on the makers sites. A friend of mine who can play any style including metal and wheedly swears by his Zion guitar and he has been playing and teaching pro for 20 years. You might also like a Zak Wild guitar.


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wat r them carvins like anyway?

A friend of mine swears by them. He has 6 of them. The quality is higher than other guitars in the same price range. Google for them, there are tons of choices though I think some of their designers are colour blind.:rolleyes:

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If you want the best go with the SG, Same kind AC-DC- Angus Young play's but also another one is the Jackson flying V's I don't even know if there making those anymore. I believe they have fake V's out that look like Jackson's.

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