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Mark S

Guild (import) vs. Breedlove (import)

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Been learning for the past couple years on an entry-level Fender acoustic (DG-7) and an MIM Fender Strat. Looking to upgrade the acoustic and want to get something that will last me (both in terms of craftsmanship quality and features) for a while.

I'm looking for a good mid-level acoustic/electric cutaway. Prefer solid all around... but definitely want a solid top/back. My price range is $500 - $800.

Played several models at a local shop today... the two that impressed me the most (no I didn't dare pick up the Martins or Taylors) in that price range were the Guild GAD-40CE and the Breedlove AD25/SM.

Any thoughts on either of these guitars... or alternatives I should consider.


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Hi Mark. In reply to your question about Guild & Breedlove guitars. I have not played a Breedlove but i have played a few of the Guild Gad Series Guitars. They sounded ok, but the build quality was very poor on the 3 or 4 that I played. I feel that the Epiphone Masterbuilt guitars are the best of the guitars coming out of Asia at this time. The ones that I have played were solidly built and sounded very good for the money. Check them out. Also I would take a look at some of the Seagull or Simon & Patrick Guitars. Exceptional sound for the money. Mark I currently own 8 guitars, a Martin D28,Larrivee OM,GibsonL5,Taylor 314,Simon & Patrick Pro Rosewood, etc. The Simon & Patrick is comparible sound wise to the previously mentioned guitars at half the price. This is all just my opinion Mark. Simon & Patrick or Epiphone Masterbuilt, with out a doubt. Good Luck. Don C.

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I have played a few of the Breedlove guitars and I feel that they are very nice. They have a very full rich sound to them. I was looking at the ad25sr (electric-acoustic) plus just yesterday. Its around $800 dollars but when you pick one up and play you will understand. I havent had any experience with the other that you have listed...

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