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A new oldie

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Hi Y'all. I've been looking at this fine site for months, just getting around to posting an introduction.

I'm 68+ years young, and still open to learning new things.

I've played harmonica all my life (inspired by my Dad who played to me when I was a boy). I also play blues harp, some ukulele (including baritone), and a 4 string Harmony tenor guitar during the past 4 years.

Only just bought my first guitar 1 1/2 years ago (Ibanez AEF18E), which I am now struggling to learn to play. Not easy taking on 2 more strings and unlearning a lot of bad habits.

Currently using the AGS guitar lessons (Dan Denley), and getting additional help from great sites like this.

I really believe that learning new things and keeping my mind and hands busy is an important aspect of my happiness in retirement. When I am not working out with my guitar I am working on my model railroad (my primary hobby).

Have fun!

Have a Happy Holiday.


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That's awesome Joe! I'm learning to play the guitar as well, but also trying to learn the harmonica! I already know how to play the piano and flute reasonably well, but want to learn harmonica. Do you know any great beginner Harmonica sites? and could you possibly explain how to hold it to me? Thanks so much!

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