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Andy S

1/4" to USB cable

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I have a Johnson J-Station that I use. I recently saw a new cable (ok, new to me) that was 1/4" guitar jack on one end and a USB cable on the other end. So, I should be able to use it as an output on the J-Station direct to a USB port on my PC.

I have Audacity to record to the PC. Will this be a decent hookup to start with?

Also, I thought I read somewhere that I need a plug-in/add-on (whatever ya want to call it) to convert the audacity files to an MP3 format. Anyone know anything about that?

I'm finally getting the nerve to start recording some stuff and wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting my time doing it wrong.

Thanks in advance for the info.

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Audacity will export, (not save) your compilation directly as either, WAV, OGG or MP3. I'm afraid I know nothing about the J-Station.

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know nothing about the j-station, one of the guys on another site i visit, tried one of the 1/4 to USB cables and wasnt to happy with it, but he was going direct from guitar to computer, so dont know how well it will work for ur use


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