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How often do You Re-string?

When did you last replace your strings?  

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  1. 1. When did you last replace your strings?

    • Today
    • Within the last couple of days
    • Within the last couple of weeks
    • A few months ago
    • Last year
    • Can't remember

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Well i changed my strings a couple of days ago. I tend to change them once the sound goes kinda dead and when the strings begin to give a funny smell on my fingers ( not the kinda metallic smell but a weird rusted smell O.o)

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About once/month, depending on how much I've been playing, whether I have strings available (or how motivated I am to get some), and whether I have reached the point where the sound is so dead that I feel uninspired while playing.

I don't look forward to changing strings, but I do get satisfaction out of doing it the right way (which I didn't learn until the last couple years). Proper stringing makes a world of difference. I cringe when I look at the capstans of some people's guitars and see crossed over strings, etc. And then they wonder why their guitar won't stay in tune...

I usually remove all the strings at once after releasing the tension. I am fast enough where I'm done in about 10 minutes or less.

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