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The guitarist elimation game

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sweet, so who's up for season 2

Yes, I'd be in!

Except there were some "ideas" for some variations passed along the way that may vary the next game somewhat.

I'm not sure what they where??? But we could try something like:

1. The best Finger-picker of all time.

2. The best Male "Rock" Singer of all time.

3. The best Female "Rock" Singer of all time.

4. The best Slide player.

5. Etc. Etc.

It could be limited to a particular Genre, unlike the Guitaist one which was difficult in some respects 'cause it was a bit broad-spectrum. Could be just 80's Rock, or 60's Legends. or best Blues Man pre 60's. "Food for thought".

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cool man, so... what do we chose. i kinda liked the sixties legends, coz of all the amazing bands around back then (cream especially). but hey, i'm cool with anything

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