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For Sale - Guild D25 - Ebay

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This isn't mine ..... it's on Ebay. And with a day to go, the price is right.

I don't normally do this and probably shouldn't, but I'm always on the lookout for a great deal. Pre-Fender Guild's are some of the best guitars made in America. And as is stands, I have enough Guilds at the moment and hope someone else can take advantage of this one for sale.

I have no clue who this person is that is selling it and I'm certainly not getting anything out of it. So if you go for it, contact the seller on eBay with any questions you might have. I just hope this jewel finds a good home. Because right now, the way it looks, it's a killer deal. If you take into consideration a hardshell case like that is worth a hundred bucks, that Guild is priced mighty nice. I'd say retail price on new D25 in 1979 was around $400.00 +/- a little. Most of them in decent condition sell at or quite a bit above that mark.

If you're in the market for a take-it and play-it guitar, this is it. A Pre-Fender Guild D-25/6 Cherry Finish. I can vouch for Pre-Fender Guild quality in craftsmenship and sound. I have a 74 Guild D25/6, 79 Guild D212 Cherry's and the 76 Guild F212 Sunburst. The unique factor of the 70's D25's is the "no braced, arched back". Similar to a violin body. I'll stack a D25 to any Martin-D18 or D28 out there any day of the year.

Anyway, if you're looking for a deal on an acoustic guitar .... this could be it.

1979 - Guild D25/6 Cherry on Ebay.

And to verify the serial number in his picture.

Again, I don't know a thing at all about this guitar other than what the seller posted on their eBay page. Contact them if you are interested. And as always, Buyer be smart, Buyer be-aware.


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I have a '75 D25M that's been through the wars. It's in need a neck reset now but the tone is simply wonderful. Those guitars were built like tanks, they'll put up with a lot of abuse. Mine survived years of gigging, camping, two kids, dogs, cats......

you can see it in the back row here:


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Some very cool gear. I like the way the headstock of that strat obscures the photograph. :winkthumb:

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