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How to color guitar strings

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Coloured strings...........what next?

Skin sensitive brands such as....soft, medium soft, hard, etc maybe?

Where's it all heading?

When you think of the old blues guys like Skip James, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, J.B. Lenoir, etc who just had plain old guitars with old strings on that they couldn't afford to replace so frequently and had to settle for cheap instruments plus deal with the hardships they had at the time, it makes me wonder what they would have made of all this unnecessary technology.

They didn't have all the mod cons with guitars that we have available today, but look at the contribution to music that they gave and even though they probably didn't realise at the time, they still left an indelible mark in the history books.

Just my opinion!

Well thats the thing. Its not like colored strings will make playing the guitar any easier . If i was asking for an easier guitar i would understand the need to talk about how the old musicians suffered when making REAL music but colored strings really are just for show if not personal fun. And you really never know, maybe one of them did actually color his strings once out of boredom. I talked about the 3 doors down guitarist having a glow in the dark guitar in the earlier post in this thread. Its true older musicians didnt have the luxury to do that but now that we do have the luxury why not abuse it rather than throwing it away. Maybe not everyone liked that glow in the dark guitar, but you gotta admit that is creative, or different(in a good way). And at the end of the day, does choosing to accesorize your guitar make you in any way less talented or a worse player, no not really.

"Skin sensitive brands such as....soft, medium soft, hard, etc maybe?"

Once again i know the older musicians didnt have this and neither do we but what if we do and someone decides to go with soft, does that make him/her a worse musician, no, that person just feels more comfortable with soft and if he can, why not, god forbid someone has weak skin :crying2: . Believe me though, i totally understand where you're coming from. I hate it when they make new techologies that make things easier than they should be, say an addon that some facilitates playing the guitar, that is not how music was created. But when its something small , let on alone in this case something physical, i really dont see the "problem" .

phew that was long, cheers

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"I hate it when they make new technologies that make things easier than they should be, say an add on that some facilitates playing the guitar, that is not how music was created"

I know a lot of Bluegrass guys that basically have this argument every morning in the coffee shop. They gripe about effects in general but mostly they seem to look down on any kind of Electric Guitar. Classical players seem to think that anything that amplifies the sound of a guitar ruins the music.

I think it's all pretty silly. Man, if it's there and you have some creativity go ahead and use it! Not all of it's going to be good but music isn't a dead or stationary art form. As a performance art the visual stuff is really an important part of the whole. This doesn't mean everybody wants or needs a flashy guitar but somebody is paying their hard earned money to get some fancy inlays on their Martins even though the "plain" ones may sound just as good. It's only a matter of personal taste.

The real point here is that the colored DR strings DON"T sound any different. Not better, not worse. It's only a visual thing so it's barely related to music at all in the strictest interpretation. The fact that they offer the same exact strings in a clear coating gives us the opportunity to check this out so it's easy to prove for yourself. It's just a fun and simple thing to try and as I said, most of the audience will never even know you have them on. I've done 4 open mics with 4 different colored sets of strings on. Only one other guy, the guy who followed me last time even noticed. He had some black strings on at the last one after asking me about them.

None of it is essential, anything that is new will face some opposition from traditionalists but really, I thought it was supposed to be the "Old Folk" that fought against any kind of innovation. "In my day we didn't NEED any kind of amplifiers or even a microphone, we just sang real loud, and it we WALKED to our gigs, UPHILL, in the snow!"

I think innovation is the hallmark of art everywhere. I might not like some of it but I don't have to. If some folks do like it the artist has done his job.


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