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Dean Avalanche Zone S

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I recently went to a small music store that had a limited number of guitars in my price range ($200-350 cdn). I saw the Dean Avalanche Zone S and compared it to a few other guitars (most of which were Ibanez), but this one sounded better and it felt great. The price of this one is $279 + tx, but the salesperson said he would give it to me for $300 + he would give me picks, extra set of strings, & guitar cable. I've looked online at it and the prices for it ranged from $199-$299 US. Also, the reviews for it have been mostly good ones. Only thing I'm a bit iffy about is I've never heard of Dean guitars before.

What do you think of the Dean Avalanche Zone S as a first guitar?

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Hi tyler

I have never heard of a Dean guitar either.

But, ... It sounds like you've bought it.

1. Within price range. - compared prices

2. Sounds better than the other ones you have tested.

3. And it felt great in your arms.

Has all the ingredients that I look for in my purchases.

Sounds like a sale to me.

Happy picking.


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deans are great!sounds like ya got a lower end one but they have some great ones out there that make metal guitarists wanna sell their children!dean razorback,dean v,s.i own one and i really enjoy it and so has anyone who picks mine up and toys with it.they always end up saying im gonne get one!Dimebag didnt use one for nothing!rip dime

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I don't know anything about that particular guitar, but Dean is a well-established brand and has been around for a long time. I remember them from at least 25-27 years ago when I was a teenage garage band thrasher - always wanted a Dean "Flying V" back then!

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