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Violin & piano VST plugins - need help!

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Do you know of any violin or/and piano:guitardude: VST plugin that works with Kristal?

I'm learning the one song (Evanescence - My immortal) and I need my electro-acoustic guitar to have a piano sound... I looking for violin plug-in only because a violin sound cool to me....

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I reckon you're gonna need a Midi keyboard and Midi compatible software to do that...

You could try arranging prerecorded samples to get the sounds your after, but that can get very tricky.

I do think Midi is the way forward for you :yes:

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Well I got two things outta that... are you looking for a violin sound from a violin? Or are you wanting your guitar to sound like a violin? (or piano)

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I far as I'm aware the only dedicated Violin and/or Piano simulators would be VST instuments or 'soft synths' that are triggered by midi - rather than the VST effects (which are applied to recorded audio) that you are looking for....

The easiest and cheapest way get pianos and violins and sound effects and textures into your recordings would be to download something like Multitrackstudio then...

Record your guitars/ vocals in Kristal or Audacity > save as WAV > export the track to multitrackstudio and record the pianos etc, using VST instruments.

The free Multitrackstudio download limits you to 3 tracks so you'll sorta have to do it this way...

You'll find free piano', string and choir instruments here but a midi keyboard is a really a must for playing in realtime.

hope that helps


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