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Kirk Lorange

What's the Hardest thing about playing guitar?

What's the hardest thing about playing guitar?  

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  1. 1. What's the hardest thing about playing guitar?

    • Staying it in tune?
    • Keeping time?
    • Making your fingers obey?
    • Getting the strings to ring properly?
    • Understanding how music works?
    • Playing chords?
    • Playing single note melody lines?
    • Strumming?

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Thank you Mike, do you of any specific places that are not fill with a bunch of spam. Also most places sell products and I really don't want to pay.

This site is one place. The members lessons from Fretsource and Solidwalnut have some theory in there. Kirk always tosses in a bit of theory in each lesson.

There are other sites as well, I certainly do not know all of them.

Guitar Noise - Free Online Guitar Lessons is a fine site plenty of lessons by David Hodge who always throws in a bit of theory and there is an entire forum section on Theory.

Ricci Adams' Musictheory.net is a site I just found.. doesn't look like a spam and pop-up circus.

Music Theory for Guitar - overview Olav Torvund has spent a lot of time developing this site. Yes, he looks to sell books and such, but you have to remember that sites like these cost money to run. No pop-ups or spam.

Keep looking.. its out there


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I've just developed crepitus in my right thumb. So that is the hardest thing about playing guitar at the moment. It's worse when I'm playing a 12 barre progression, sort of burning sensation and takes about 2 minutes to recover. Good job there is another guitarist to carry me now and again.

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