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Drum machine ???

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Hey everybody ( that sounds soo cartoonish ):isaynothing:

This thread will no doubt let everyone know how little I know .....:yes: :yes: :yes:

Is there such a thing as drum machine ?


I was thinking if I could get the drums playing in the back ground to a song I was learning then I would not be losing the beat and so on .. Yes I do have a metronome but that becomes a bit boring and stale after awhile I was thinking if I had the drums beating away with me it would be alot better ...

Suggestions ?????

Oh and backing tracks .... How do I use them ????

Can I get a backing track of the song I want ?

If so where ?

Dream Lover

Geee just goes to show how little I really know uh .....:guitardude:

Trev.....................:brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall:

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lets see, where to start...

Drum machines,

Never used a hardware device - so I can't really help there. However, you can download free software drum programs to try. ( you can link to them from this thread here )

For myself, I tend to collect prerecorded drum loops and single hits and just arrange them in my recording program,works like a drum machine with the bonus of being able to record over the top and/or save to mp3 or WAV.

If you dont have a recording program, Kristal is a great free program to use, or if you want the luxury of using loops and beats together that were recorded at different tempos - Acid Express is a free download and will bring all your samples to whatever tempo you wish without altering the pitch... This also means you can take any drum loop and play along at whatever tempo you fancy, all for free!:claping:

Backing tracks,

You can download them from a site like this in mp3 format ( couldn't see Dream Lover there though) and play them on your computer's media player, burn them to a CD to play along with anywhere, or load them into your recording program to play along to and/or record over. You could also make them yourself using loops and samples of drums and instruments arranged in your recording program. Samples can be downloaded from sites like /www.samplenet.co.uk/.

There you go, Trev. Thats my take on using and making drums and backings - I hope there is something there to help you, and save you a sore head from all that wall - butting :D



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