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Kirk Lorange

Electric slide improv ...

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Please note that the movie is a 4 Mb download ... it may take a while.

Here's an improv to the backing track slickcat uploaded at the 'It's your take' forum. It's a great track to play along to, what with the stops and the holes that need filling etc. It's all I-IV-V chords, and as always I'm just following the chords as they come and go. Admittedly, in this kind of blues, we all have our favaorite licks and riffs and the challenge is to avoid simply inserting them into the progression ... I always try and do my best to re-invent them, to invert them, to turn them inside out, to come up with a brand new one ...

I did have several passes at this mainly to remember the structure of the tune, but (as you can see) it was recorded in one take.

I'm in dropped D, just the bass string down to D, and that's why I'm capoed up on the second fret. The Tune is in E, and in dropped D the bass E is not the open string, but the second fret ... a right pain in the neck. By capoing I can play the bass string open and be playing the root. Because I only drop the one string, I'm basically in Standard tuning, so all my positions and landmarks are intact and I can 'see' the fretboard as the chord at all times, and follow the chord tones.


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Hi Kirk,

I love your slide playing. The way you catch the notes behind the slide is very cool as well. You have to be one of the best slide players anywhere!

Best Wishes

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Really enjoyed that!

Just put the Slide DVD in the player for another run through....just after I had a look on ebay for a new guitar I can set up for slide.

ie. inspiring



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Hi Kirk

Smooth, moving, makes me feel good about myself ...

I'm looking forward to your DVD I just purchased.


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