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Kirk Lorange

CAGED lesson

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I'm having trouble with the Caged Minor , I know the shapes im just not sure of the positions I can't cant anywhere on the Internet that has a diagram of the placement. Does it work the same as the Major Caged?

You won't find anything about Minor CAGED. Look at it this way: The CAGED example has nothing to do with music theory and has everything to do with fretboard mechanics; how the neck of the guitar and string arrangement was designed. You do indeed find some music theory there within the chord structures, but that's not what CAGED is about.

Musical chords (the 1, 3 and 5 notes of the scale, and sometimes others like the 7) are created by using notes from the major scale to create physical chord layouts on the neck. The CAGED system is a tool that shows you how the physical chord layout of the neck has created a picture: a picture of the how each of the full physical chord layouts (there are 5 layouts. Any others are a part of the main layout) are connected on the neck.

EVERYTHING in western music stems from the major scale. This is the beginning point for all else. The basic difference between the major scale and the minor one is that the third step is flatted. You will, in fact, find that all of the chord layouts are still connected in the same manner even if you made the chord layout opn the neck minor. The only difference is that the third note of the scale will be flatted one half-step from what you find as the third note of the major scale This doesn't change anything as far as how the neck of the guitar has been designed.

If there's confusion regarding how to play a chord in a minor fashion, start looking at how to make each chord layout a minor chord and you'll see what I mean.

I know the OP posted this last July and hasn't been back since, but I thought I'd ressurect this thread in the case someone was interested.

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You mean....the CAGED system is what I've known all along....

Someone just put a name for it.

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