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Let's see your equipment ;)

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We have a new main forum called Let's see your equipment - this will be the place to upload photos of your guitar/guitars, you and your guitar or anything you think might be of interest (guitar related of course).

At this stage because we seem to have such a civilized bunch of people here :), we have enabled it so all members have permission to upload photos. We'll be keeping an eye on things of course, but we'll see how things go... Please don't upload anything that would be deemed as offensive. We don't want to have to resort to moderating each photo uploaded :(

Anyway, it's there for you if you want to show off your stuff.

You can attach up to 4 images per post. To attach an image, follow the intructions below:

Write your message, then go down to where it say additional options, then attach files, then click on manage attachments - browse to find the photo on your computer, then click on the upload button, when it finishes uploading you will see the name of your photo listed under current attachments. If you want to upload another photo, just repeat the process, browse and find it on your computer and hit the upload button. Then close that small window and post your new thread... Your photo will be automatically resized and made into a thumbnail. To view the full size image, just click on the thumbnail. This will open the photo in a new window.

If you decide to link to an image instead of uploading from your hard drive, please make sure the image is no wider than 500 pixels. This will prevent any need for sideways scrolling.

Any questions or problems, just ask me in the troubleshooting forum


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