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Besides my basic Fender Acoustic/Electric, I have a couple electrics...

This is not my actual Hamer, but is a write-up on one exactly like it. Mine is the Hamer Special FM as shown on the left and is in mint condition.


And this is my real pride and joy. I've wanted a Les Paul for about 15 years since all my guitar heroes played them. I finally was able to buy one:



And then I have a Made in Mexico Strat that's put away in a closet. I need to build me a music room or something so I can keep all my stuff out.

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Originally posted by Fireproof

Thanks guys!! If my wife wouldn't object, she probably would sleep next to me!

HAHA! you mean your wife doesnt want to sleep with a beautifull les paul? is she jealous of its hour glass figure, beautifull voice, and milky white skin???

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Dude, that's amazing. I've been trying to save for one just like it, but consideing i dont have the money, I'm going to buy a Les Paul style guitar, made by a different company. The one i want is pretty much exactly the same, all i say is nice :D

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