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Bit lost on this

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Hi all,

i am looking for a bit of help in finding a program that will help me loop a song in the verse part, i have a 60th coming up and we are trying to increase the verses from two to six, we have words written out for the extra verses, i have a copy of the song here http://www.badongo.com/file/1094058 i am not sure if you can get software that does this ?

has anybody done this before? it looks to me that it would be hard to pick out the exact part of the song when to loop! any help would be greatly appreciated.

*mods if this is in wrong section or bot allowed pls delete or move, thanks*

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Hey audacity users. Doesn't it allow cut and paste so dakster can add as many verses as he wants to his tune. Audacity is a free recording-mixing program. If none of the members here can answer that, then go to the site and look through the docs to see.

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You're right AT. Just had a quick look and was able to copy and paste to my heart's content. It's a bit fiddly Dakster, but you should be able to do it without too much trouble. Good luck.

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