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Chaotic Kittie

10th fret on high e unmutable.

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So here it is.... the 10th freth on high E is unmutable. If I try to mute it it keeps the tone, but the tone changes to sound like a harmonic.

It IS mutable, but then I have to mute ALL strings.

Mostly this isn't noticeable. But at some occasions it creates dissonances which isn't always very nice. When tuned in EADGBE this is of course a D, and ALL other D's on the neck has this thing. Though it's only noticeable on the ones with the same pitch as the 10th and higher.

Is it REALLY supposed to be like this? It's mighty disturbing from time to time.....

So, yes. If I detune any string, the problem is still on the same fret, no matter what note it is... just to avoid silly questions. ;P

Also, this is only noticable when I play distorted.

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What's happening is that the high D you're playing is the exact same frequency as the harmonic on the D string at the 5th fret, so the D string starts to resonate at this harmonic. If you want to mute that note, I guess you have to also mute the 4th string then.

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