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Setting up Free Open Source Studio on Linux

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Can you list the hardware as detailed as possible, on your computer you did with unbuntu DAW?

Sound card? Motherboard? Processors...etc...

Just curious as to what you find best. Do you have a breakout box of some kind or just plug straight into the soundcard?

I've got a PodXT I'm gonna try to work with soon....it has USB, but, I've not tried to hook it to a Linux box yet....have had limited success connecting to an old Apple iBook using Audacity...


No worries.


Fujitsu Siemens Laptop S7010d

Processor Centrino 1.5 ghz

1gb ram

60gb HDD

Not sure of the rest


AMD 1.8 ghz - not sure of mother board

2 gb ram

RIA raid array 2x 200gb ide and 2x160gb SCUSSI HDD

Radion 9700 graphics

Sounblaster live 5.1 digital sound card

Ralink wireless PCI card

some other on-board sound card

Additional connected hw

Alesis USB mixer

Zoom G7.21 usb out

USB midi hub

Both the ubove are plugged into my laptop, it took me a bit of time to get my head around the sound settings as there is 4 sound inputs but once they were set-up it was fairly easy. My zoom also controls the sooperlooper using the midi output, not quite fully functional just yet but i am slowly getting my head around it. A midi foot controller should be on my list of things to buy next.

In a week or so i should have my head around it all, my laptop now records live with about 2ms of delay and the desktop pc is around 1 ms using the usb input/output.

For a quick recording i use jokosher or audacity and for a full DAW i am using ardour 2. I would think your pod will be an easy add on for linux, I am using the ALSA drivers and so far every software has picked it up with no problems.

Good luck

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Just a quick update on this.

I have had a few problems namely around sound issues, once I built up 4 tracks the system was crashing and I pulled my hair out for a day. It was quite easy to fix in the end but it was not obvious and did take some tweeks. In the end it turned out that when configuring the sound I had the latency set far to low (.03ms) I changed it to .64ms and it works very well now. I found that the cause is running an external USB soundcard (Alesis USB mixer) if I used the internal soundcard I would have been fine.

There has also been a small issue with volume of recording, again its a minor but not very obvious tweek in that I had to fire up the mixer using extra software (ALSAmixer) as the volume were set very low. Once tweeked it is running fine.

My Settup:

Ardour 2 - This is the DAW software, I am getting on very well with it now I have resolved the sound issues. Its kind of complicated but to do the simple things its easy so I can record. Not to far away from using kristal but I now have nearly zero latency. I have a slight issue importing existing tracks but I now use audacity to convert the audio to WAV and then it imports in ok.

Jack- This is the sound Server, this was the software that I had the latency issues with and was causing the system to crash. Now its setup correctly and running its a great tool that I can link any software to each other so this enables me to use real time guitar effects like the looper and various plugin's.

Adacity- Never been a fan of it but there is features I like, I also convert audio using this now to import into other apps.

Creox - Real time sound processor, my live effects. This is a great piece of kit

Sooperlooper - Already described


I am now running a stable system and I am extreamly happy with the results. I would not reconmend this to anyone who has little knowledge problem solving IT problems as the documentation for a Linux box can be few and far between. If you have a spare machine and want a project then go for it.

For me the negatives are:

Linux needs tweeking compaired to the plug and play of windows

No Guitar Pro (there is alternatives that read gp files but no RISE)

No Kristal (my fav)

A lot of software has bugs and is often in beta stage, you need an open mind and low stress levels when using some of them


ZERO latency (well very close) - This is a dream, I am running a real time kernal and it is a joy to record and not have slide the recording up and down trying to line them up.

Once tweeked my system is great, the amount of software available for any task is freely downloadable and its easyer to find and install than any windows software

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Wow..I've not been on here, nor seen this post for awhile. I was browsing around the ardour website (http://ardour.org/) and it looks like a major release has been put out recently...and that there is a native OSX version coming now.

I'm still moving around a lot post Katrina...so, haven't had time to build a dedicated DAW box...but, it is still in the works. I've not used Unbuntu before (I've been with Gentoo a long time), so, this might be the time for me to try. You recommend the 'live' cd of it that installs a sound workstation version still?


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I've not been on the forum for YEARS....just found it again.

I found this old thread I'd started back in '06. I'm sure the DIY Linux DAW scene has come around quite a bit.....anyone care to throw in what they use these days?

I recently bought a nice macbook pro, and have played a bit with Garageband which is nice....but I would like to look into doing my own high end DIY DAW Linux box too....

Anyway, nice to be back....hope some have input for this old thread.


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