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Just a thought

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why not have a poll every month of the members choice for a lesson song

1 out of 3 (or how ever you care to set it up)

I'm sure vBulletin has capabilities for voting

Kirk can select the choices from the Suggest a Lesson Forum

like -

1) James Taylor - you've got a friend

2) Hall of the Mountain King

3) Knock'n of Heaven's Door by whom ever

Make it so guest can see it and it might entice them to join so they can vote

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I think that's a great idea 6string and I just ran it by Kirk and he agrees.

Will set it up soon.

I have set it so all users can start polls, so if you have any ideas, go right ahead and post one.

To start a new poll, just go to Additional Options - it's below the Post New Thread box. You can then post a poll with your thread. Just select the number of options you want, the rest is fairly self explanatory.

More details here for anyone who is interested in posting a poll here.

Keep the ideas coming. It's great help. Kirk is pretty busy making new lessons and I'm flat out trying to modify and upgrade this board at the moment, so we really appreciate that you're thinking of things and coming up with ideas to build this community.



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