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Has anyone owned or played an Aria Les paul replica ref-no PE-STD. Local shop will let me have one for £180uk, is this a good price for them or not and do they sound ok? It has a nice wide neck thats better for my fat finger tips and they don't feel too shabby

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Thanks Allthumbs, had a look for some reviews myself and found nothing. Cut a deal with the shop, I got one for £169uk With Tribal planet gigbag cable and strap. What the man says in the review is correct, with this Aria I can almost get clean chord changes that have been defeating me on the acoustic and not a hope on my strat! This is a guitar I been waiting for I think. Only comment I got against are from a good mate of mine who two genuine Les Paul', is that the pickups sound a bit cheap but, at this end of the money scale I aint going to get the best electronics.

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