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Restoration of Old Acoustic Guitar

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Latest experiment, I got to thinking about Nail Polish (Lacquer) which I've been using for circuit boards over the years.

I bought 4 small bottles in an el cheapo warehouse store and emptied all into a small jar. Then brushed a bit on a small piece of ply. It dried a very nice gloss finish and brushed softly levelled itself nicely without any streaks.

Waited for several hours for it to dry and sanded with very fine paper and it didn't clog the paper suggesting it dries hard and not like epoxy resin or polyurethane varnish.

So there you go, Clear High-gloss Nail Polish, ether smelling gear that appears to be much better than any lacquer or varnish I've tried before.

In the local Chemist shop (Pharmecist), a small bottle was a staggering AU$11, but down at the local Cheap as Chips el cheapo shop they're $3 each. It works nice but needs to be brushed on thick and quick without too many strokes, the stuff dries quick, real quick.

And don't light a match nearby your workstation.....make certain its a well ventilated area or you'll be trippin' back to the 60's, know what I mean lol?

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Mate .... I gave up glue sniffing last year but now you come to mention it, nail polish and cellulose dope does have a certain appeal. Actually, I've been off caffiene for 48 hours this week so just about anything would be a starter and tripping back to the sixties would be positively orgasmic. Eek, can I say that here? :dunno:

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Ha haaa yeah Blues, would take ya back to Sunbury wouldn't it?....rockin' to Thorpey, Matt Taylor etc..

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