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I hope this is the right place to ask this, but I am trying to figure out the break in this Youtube cover of the Byrds song, Feel A Whole Lot Better

I've figured out the chords to all of the verses...but I'm not that familiar with electric guitar chords, so I have not figured out what he is playing during the instrumental break, and goes up high on the fret board....can anybody tell what chords those are? 


Would really appreciate it because I've written some new verses to this song, which I'd love to play at a local get together....if only I could add the instrumental break!


Thanks much, 


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I only just now watched it once, so I haven't dug into it, but on first glance, it appears he's just playing inversions of the basic chords, just higher on the fretboard.  The basic chord structure of the song is A - E - F# - B - A -D - Bm, so looking at the break being played, the hand position on the 12th fret suggests variations on the A chord, B, or D.  Kirk's philosophy is to use chord tones, so my suspicion is that what's being played here are simply variations of the chords used lower on the neck.


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From the sound of it, it sounds like he is going from I - bVII - V, then I - bVII - V - IV. 


So chord wise, this would be A - G - E - A - G - E - D.

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