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214ce vs 310ce vs 110e

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Please give me some suggestions anyone .

Am a begginer - Intermeidate guitar enthusiastic but i have been learning since 4 months . No my old guitar was broken and time to buy a new one. I played several guitars but i liked taylor one better .

1. I have played 110E and 214CE , i liked 214 CE but felt there i see not much difference (This might be something with my playing)
Now on craigslist , i have 110E for $300 and 214CE for $650 and 310CE for $750 , I GOT CONFUSED HERE . Budget is important but what my feeling is instead speanding 300 and feel like i have to buy another guitar in an year or so why dont i put some extra money on it and buy the best one? (Of course budget is always an issues but is it worth or not )

Is 600 worth for a begginer like me ??

So if am going to put 600 on a good guitar i will leaRN QUICKLY AND BEST POSSIBLE WAY i can ???

Am i thinking right any please help.

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Since you have played both an E and a CE, you probably noticed the immediate difference is a cutaway vs. no cutaway. Taylor sells their acoustic uitars in series 100's, 200's, 300's, etc. The higher the series the quality improves as well as features.


Here at the Taylor site where you can compare the various series.




i believe a person should buy the best guitar they can afford. Lower priced guitars are usually difficult to play and can turn off new players. Having said that Taylor makes some pretty nice guitars. I have an 814 CE and in my opinion an excellent guitar.


I hope this helps in making your decision.



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Those prices are suspiciously low, what denomination are they?


On the Taylor site, the list price for at 110ce is $749 usa.

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