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Joyo JF-08 or Caline CP-19 Delay Pedal

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Ok so I decided to buy my first pedal and I want a very cheap one so I came across two pedals that are supposed to be good for the price - Caline CP-19  and Joyo JF-08. I want to use the delay with some overdrive tones so which one is better?
P.S I know both probably suck but I don't want to buy an expensive pedal yet

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    • By Ludovic
      Hello everyone,

      I'm looking for a beginner telecaster under 250 $. I've been searching for a secondhand Classic Vibe but sadly enough they are too expensive. And as I'm living in Belgium there isn't a big secondhand market for guitars like in the U.S.
      As of right now, the guitars I'm mostly looking at are the Harley Benton TE-52, Squier Affinity tele, a secondhand SX custom handmade vintage series (but I can't find anything about the brand) and an used revelation RTE54.

      The Revelation seems nice but apparantly the guitar has a V-shaped neck and I don't know if it will fit my fairly small hands.  

      Any feedback on this?
    • By Guitarbird23
      I'm looking for advice on buying a good guitar for a beginning teenager who will turn 14 on September. He is a son of my best friend, and he is very interested in learning the guitar, but he doesn't like learning on the acoustic he has at home, because he wants to play rock and metal. As his birthday is coming forth, we're thinking of buying him a good guitar to start his lessons with.
      I actually play both acoustic and electric guitars for a few years myself, but am as confused on what to buy for him as he is.
      My guitars are not beginner guitars, and I actually started on a good Yamaha acoustic before switching to electric, which I play now. So I don't know much about beginner electric guitars.
      What I think would be a good option... I tried looking into specific styles of electric guitars like Stratocaster, Les Paul, SG, and various other, including metal guitars. I know that Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez and Epiphone make great beginner models, and also some other unknown brands, so I'm not looking for the specific brand name for now.
      As he doesn't know allot about guitar playing, I'm pretty skeptical of bringing him a guitar that's more than $300 as he doesn't yet know how to handle and play one. We don't even know how much would he practice. He talks allot like "I'd practice more if I had an electric..." but how much is this true we won't know until we buy him one.
      He is mostly into metal and hard rock music. His idols are ACDC, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Hammerfall, KISS, Dire Straits, Metallica, Megadeth... more hard stuff.
      I mean the guitar can be any color, but it would be best if it would be either black or black-white combination.
      Now... can anyone here recommend us a guitar that ranges from 100$- 300$ with that in mind:
      - playability, feel, and ease of playing (possibly as good as can be for that price)
      - good for rock and "harder stuff" as he likes to say it
      - the best quality for the cheapest price possible. (I know these guitars are not "best quality", we don't need that yet, but kind of getting the cheapest guitar possible that has the best quality in that price range, or something like that. Many beginner guitarists are looking for that.)
      It doesn't matter what brand name is on the headstock. Also for the shape... what would you advice us to get? There are many shapes of a guitar, but we're looking for one that is good for hard rock stuff and metal. Shape itself doesn't matter, it's only important that guitar has a nice sound for stuff like that.
      That would be it... I know the best is to go to the shop and just try them all, we do plan on doing it, but before we go do that, I'd like to at least have an "image" of what we should look for to try so we don't spend all days long just trying out all of the cheaper guitars they have at various stores available.
      Thank you in advance for the advices, we will really appreciate them in making our own decision.
    • By LadyM
      Hi everyone!
      I am new here, so I am not sure if this questions is posted in the right place.
      So, I am looking for a Looper and Effectbox combined. So I want to be able to use the effects even without looping, and vice versa (looping without effects AND looping with effects). I have been searching the Internet and I have found this: the VOX VDL1 DYNAMIC LOOPER (a link: http://www.voxamps.com/pedals/vdl1/).
      Since I don't know anything of loopers, effect pedals, etcetera (I've always been playing directly through my amp): will it do what I have described above? Can I use the effects apart from the looper?
      Also, if you would happen to know about any other devices that will cater to my needs... JUST TELL ME ABOUT THEM!
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