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Modding humbuckers

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Let me start with the stupidest question. I haven't been the same since prof said "There ARE no stupid questions". I asked a question (170 IQ), and he goes "That was a stupid question". And he was NOT foolin around. sorry. What does RWRP mean? And why do people want to put their neck pickups in parallel? There's more modding after that, I could tell ya, but . . .my response halfway thru vid, and just now halfway thru SD thread, where nobody would answer my stupid questions. And I was paying attn ! Shite, I'm so easily distracted. Halfway thru either I thought why don't you just buy a strat? Or yuk, put a single coil in for the neck pup??

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    • By texred
      I have a couple questions about modding humbuckers. The first one is embarrassing. What does RWRP mean?
    • By dacrooz02
      Hi all,
      Recently I have purchased a second-hand Squier Jagmaster Standard for a fair price (~120usd).
      Attached is the picture of the guitar
      The electronic part is kind of broken and need repairs. I also have huge problem with the rusted screws on the bridge which I cannot take off. This is my first big project on the guitar so need some help from you guys
      1) Any recommendation for the wiring scheme for jagmaster? How about the pot values and cap values?
      2) How to take out the rusted screws on the bridge? I tried so hard to rotate the screws but I feel it is very much stuck into the wood body. Any solvent/chemicals that can be used without harming the guitar body/finish?
      3) Is the stock pickup ok? (duncan designed) Or is there any pickup recommendations?
      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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