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electric guitar noise problem

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First of all, my native language is not English, so I'm sorry, I'll try my best to explain the issue.

So I've purchased a cheap Start copy to learn the basics and learn to play, at first I used it as an acoustic and once I finally plugged it in as an electric, I got noise problems.

I do not have amps, pedals, boxes, none of that, all I have is a cable, 6,35mm -> 3,5mm adapter and I plug my guitar straight to my computer's microphone jack, I also use Guitar Rig 5 software. So the problem is that there's always a terrible noise in the background, I reduce it by minimizing input level in my audio drivers and once I use my Guitar Rig, I rock the "Gate" option a little bit down to reduce it even more, at that point it becomes a little better, BUT once I load any preset, it just gets out of control, I tried a few components of Noise reduction, it didn't do much, as soon as you play the strings, the noise comes back.

I have a video recorded, so you can see how it actually is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRtH39ULZvE

So guys, do you have any ideas? Is it because I plug my guitar straight to the PC using only an adapter and wihout any external audio interface?


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The noise could be coming from a number of different places.  Stratocasters usually have single coil, non-humbucker, pickups.  Its what I use most of the time, but noise can be an issue.  Your adaptor to go from guitar to computer input certainly is an impedance and dB mismatch, so noise eventuates (happens or occurs - One of my son's 4 majors is English.  My vocabulary and grammar have improved).   


Don't use dimmers near the guitar.  


Don't use florescent lights near the guitar.  


Don't get the guitar too close to anything that has electricity in it or through it.  The flow of electrons generates a magnetic field (EMF) that can be picked up as noise.


Be sure the guitar's volume is all the way up.  Best case scenario is to be able to have the computer's  input gain turned way down and still get enough output to get the record level meters near the top.


Leaving the volume on the guitar wide open provides the best signal to noise ratio.  


Perhaps a better shielded guitar cable.  


This one is weird, but it is a real thing.  Stand up with the guitar on and the noise buzzing away.  Slowly turn one way or the other.  You will find compass directions that have more or less noise depending on phase or polarity of the noise and about a million other things, but changing your compass direction almost always shows directions with more noise and directions with less noise.  


If you are in an old house with old wiring you might not be able to control the noise.


You can shield the control compartment by lining it with copper foil connected to ground.  I have done it on many electric guitars back 40 years ago when I repaired guitars for a living.  


An external instrument or mic preamp that connects via USB to the computer would likely have substantially less noise.


There are many things it could be. These are a few common ones off the top of my head.


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