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Hi guys,
I don't even know if that's that right place to ask, but I've been looking around for a good practice amp. I own a Les Paul copy and I've swapped out the pickups with alnico 2s and I've been playing directly to my PC for a while now, but I've got some money for an amp and I'd really love if you guys could help out with the choice. I live in Bulgaria, that means that the prices all weird and it's hard to pick an amp easily. I play mostly GnR stuff, I sometimes play clean too, it's not that often though. After all the research that I've done I can chose between Yamaha THR5, VOX VT20X and meybe if I save up a little more a Fender GT40. I just need to know if somebody has used them and been able to dial in great Slash tone. The budget seems to be about 200-240 USD, again weird prices because of import and stuff. The used market here isn't a viable choice. All help is appreciated and sorry if my English isn't very clear.

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    • By Flokostas
      I have 350€ and i want to buy an amp for home practising. I've done a little research and I've found some amps: Blackstar id 30tvp, marshall mg30cf, vox vt 20x, fender mustang 2 and peavy vypyr 2. I want my amp to have good distortion and a good clean channel. Which one should i buy? Can you propose me a better amp for the money?
    • By Nick Mifsud
      Hello! I recently bought a 100 watt Fender Mustang III amp that works perfectly and is played constantly. Before this amp I had the earlier, smaller, 20 watt version (Fender Mustang I) and constantly played it and took good care of it. And all of the sudden it slowly stopped distributing full sound out of the amps guitar input. The speaker still works, for it still plays sound but very low and with no effects whatsoever at a very loud volume on my guitar and the amp itself. I suspected that inside the amp the jack was loose or simply came off and I was wondering how I could fix this perhaps? I'm looking to sell it and I'd like it to work haha.
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      Hi , I'm new... it's nice to know this forums.
      This is my first try after 1 year of not playing guitar... , I've learned a lot from this piece in terms of theory, specially mixolydian mode and harmonic minor scale...
      About recording, basically, I'm new to everything from audio to video editing and mixing. I actually didn't use any hardware guitar amp, effects,... just my guitar plugging into a sound interface (M-audio) and then to the computer softwares: cubase and guitar rig, that's it. Any suggestions on my recording or playing would be appreciated..

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      I need an amp, mostly for practice at home but ideally loud enough for playing with a garage band (including drummer).
      I've been looking at Fender Mustang I (20 watts). Not sure that will be loud enough. Any other suggestions? Price range up to $150. Thanks.
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