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Practice Routine Suggestions

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Hi all, 


    I'm looking for some suggestions/advice on my practice routine.   When I was first starting out, I found it easier to manage my practice time, but after my first year, I'm finding it difficult to decide what exactly I want to focus on and for how long.   I'm truly interested in learning as many different styles and whatnot, so it becomes a bit overwhelming at times when I sit down to schedule out my practice sessions for the week.  I am currently interested in learning acoustic blues style, fingerpicking styles, folk, and some rock.   my biggest issue right now is where to start.   So if I pick the blues to focus on for awhile, where would be a good place to start?  

This is my current routine as of now:

10-15 min- Warm up exercises (chromatic ex., alternate picking ex., etc)

10-15 min- Scales, chords, progressions

15-20 min- working on original songs, cover songs  


I realize now that one of my biggest mistakes up to this point is not focusing enough on learning the fret board.  I am going to start incorporating different exercises to help me in this area.    If any of you have any suggestions or advice for me on this topic, I would greatly appreciate it.    I've been playing for a year now, but still see myself as a beginner.  


Thanks in advance. 


Take care. 



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I never had a practice routine.  Some would say it shows in my playing, but I learned what I wanted to learn.  My thought is that any time spent playing the instrument will bring improvement.  I'm sure its not 100% that improve, but I believe most people would improve.  It worked for me.  Work on, or just play, whatever you want.  I think you will grow as a player.


I will admit that I don't read music.  I can slowly fight my way through tab.  If you want to learn to read music you might need more structure than I ever gave myself.  The closest I ever get to structured practice is becoming manic about a song or a lick and playing nothing else until I get it.  I'm a bit crazed anyway, so the behavior fits the pattern.  I learned to play over a long period of time.  More structure might lessen that time.  I do appreciate those who can read music, but I don't want enough structure and notation to hurt my playing.  :-)

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On 1/24/2018 at 8:22 AM, JanVigne said:

IMO learning how music is structured is the single most important lesson you can have. 

Can you learn that by playing by ear?  And getting a natural ear for it?

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