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Just started playing, although the gas syndrome got me alittle, bought three guitars in eight months, a gretsch, a prs and a Yamaha A1M, look forward to hearing all the comments and ideas, I'm 64.908 and got started late but have been doing vacals all my life

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I'd be happy if they still feed me at 64.908.  ;-)


Welcome to the forum.


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    • By Kiss_the_rings
      Hi there, just started learning guitar and wanted to find a place with like minded people and stumbled across this forum. If you're reading this it's nice to meet you.
      - Mike
    • By Chris_K
      Hi.I'm Chris (14) and I started playing an electric guitar 3 months ago.I don't know if I'm good for this short amount of time.In the moment I'm searching new songs to learn.(rock,hard rock,blues,..) My guitar is a Jack & Danny's ST Vintage in metallic blue.I'm learning the song Sweet child o mine by Guns n Roses in the moment.(close to nailing the intro riff)
      Edit: I'm not taking lessons. :/
    • By Mark A Raymond
      Hello im starting playing guitar again after 30 years of not playing. ANy refresher points i can get would be appreciated as im sadly out of shape and really desire to play again. my fingers and wrists have been damaged over the years from work related injuries, and im trying to get readjusted to playing. I love music and especially the guitar. Any pointers on how i can improve dexterity in my fingers and wrist.?
    • By khorceline6899
      Hey.... I am a thirteen year old Celine from Malaysia... Juz joined in a few minutes ago:)
      I am desperately needing help: strumming patterns for the song Extra Ordinary by Lucy Hale....
      Can anyone here please solve my problem?
      And I would appreciate if you can explain in detail, since I am a newbie in guitar....
      Thx and hi again...
    • By James Smith
      I'm taking up the guitar again after not playing for over 20 years. I was almost entirely self-taught and no doubt have a lot of bad habits. It's never too late, though. So I hope to improve my technique and have even more fun playing then ever.
      Now I have a Yamaha C40M guitar, which seems to be pretty good for a starter instrument. I do miss my Fender Palomino, though. I used to also have an Applause and a 12-string of forgotten brand. They were stolen in a burglary and I still resent that.
      Now, I play for fun and to annoy the neighbors. LOL For those, the Yamaha will probably be fine.
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