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7 hours ago, Clancy said:

Wouldn't load for me for some reason.

I was loaded when I posted.  That could be the problem. 


It could also be the video compressor I'm now using, but don't know very well.  I can't get anything out of it except .mov.  I find .mp4 to be more universally compatible.

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I went back and looked.  This is a plain vanilla mp3 audio file.  You could try right clicking and save it to local media.  It might work better, or at all.

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      Here's one of my favorite covers.  Merry Christmas.
    • By Rockerbob
      Christmas music.  This is my arrangement of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear."  I played it in DADGAD tuning.
      Merry Christmas
      http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/Midnight Clear_newmaster1.mp3
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      Hello guys,
      I want to ask one (maybe stupid) question. I'm playing a lot of heavy metal and genres like this but lately I have been improvising some jazz over backing tracks. I'm wondering what scale should I play over some chords. For example one backing track was in E. The rhythm played E7 chord I played E pentatonic scale (don't know if it fits the chord) and then the rhythm changed to A7 and I was still playing E pentatonic major but it sounded out of key and I than started to play E major scale. Should I change to A major scale or I will go out of key? So what scale to choose over what chords - for example the progression is C7 - Dm7. Should I play only C major over both of the chords or should I change the scale ?? :/ 
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      Marcus Nalgaber - Devil tears - Las lagrimas del diablo - Jazz Rock Music 

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      Here is another instrumental from Lewis & Walker that will be on our 11th CD.  On this recording I cheated and used 2 guitar tracks.  The simple melody was conceived as part of 2 guitars, so I overdubbed a guitar track.  I could do it live with a looper to play one part while I add the harmony over it, but I don't perform live anymore.  In the studio, an overdub was much easier than getting the timing right on the primary loop.  I could learn to play the melody and harmony at the same time, it's all just simple chord fragments, but again, easier to just overdub a track. 
      I think this is the only song on the "almost finished" (Finished means abandoned in favor of new projects) CD that has more than 1 guitar at a time.  Our goal was a three piece.  I don't think this ruins the CD.  Its just the required exception to the rules.
      This is a swing, hence the name.  No real chords are ever played.  I think it only has 5 notes.  It was fun because its easy and laid back.
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