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Hello from Spain

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My name is Marcus Nalgaber, I am a 65 year old songwriter guitarist very fond of fusion music.

I really like to improvise with the guitar and I always record it on video because it's my way of feeling that I'm acting in a club or on a big stage.

I also like to make video lessons and didactic examples with the guitar.

At the same time I dedicate myself in free time together with my wife to do guitar backing tracks.

My wife (Mora Amaro La Loba) and I, form a great artistic team, she is a composer, poet, writer, singer and very good arranger and I participate with my guitar works.We are very hardworking people that are always creating with the sole purpose of living with illusion and a little away from that world that is changing in a dizzying and terrible way. 

a greeting

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Welcome to the site and forum.

Hope to hear some of your tunes. Are your songs both in Spanish and English?

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