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Can you play metal songs on an acoustic guitar as a beginner?

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So i have a weird situation. I would like to learn to play guitar, but even though my favorite songs are stuff like rock and metal, I kinda prefer the sound of an acoustic guitar, even though i don't necessarily think i'll play country music or other stuff like it much (maybe just some classical since that's my second favorite genre). But since i am a beginner, not sure if it would be good to try on an acoustic at the beginning, or get an electric for metal since well it's made for it.


Also one more thing, i can't really make much noise and i like to play at night, so if i get an acoustic i would probably have to put something beneath the strings where they're attatched to reduce the sound, but not sure if it's recommended or if it would hurt my progress since it would affect the tone. Though an electric would be better since i could just wear headphones.


Should i remain stubborn and get an acoustic or just submit and get an electric?

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Awesome question. 😃


I think maybe you want a Yamaha Silent Guitar. 

I too dream of playing acoustic metal someday.


No matter what kind of instrument you decide to invest in, I implore you to check the below couple of links:





If you're in a particularly good mood I'd venture to request you to check the following link as well😃:



Thank You!


I hope to hear from you again!



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Sure you can do it. There are many metal/rock songs which have acoustic part. You still can do the rhythm parts which have distortion. The sound is not exactly but it's not the problems. You can try some Metallica's songs: Nothing else matters, Fade to black, One, etc.

However, the solo part is hard when playing by acoustic. You still do it but it will be harder and the sound is not right enough.

It's better if you have an electric guitar and a guitar amp with headphone but if you can't have an electric guitar right now pick up your acoustic guitar and play. Don't worry

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