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Hi World!


I've owned acoustic guitars for about 20 years, but played for only 4 years! I'm in my 30s and regret wasting so much of my life griping about action and what not instead of seeking out friends and teachers on YouTube and in the real world and pursuing my tastes in music and attempting to play them myself.


I love pop, rock, metal, classical, fusion, folk and very little of techno, blues and jazz. I dream of playing acoustic metal on my newly acquired Yamaha F310NT someday. And I also dream of playing Closer and Cheap Thrills like James Bartholomew and Peter Gergely. I also love the Jake Lonergan theme in Cowboys and Aliens. There's no end to the number of pieces of music I love! 😀


I currently reside in New Delhi. I'm male, and a bit of a loner. I hope some of you will reach out to me and that we end up contributing to each other's musical journey.





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KD, Hi! Reaching out. I'm a loner too, and WAY older than you, teaching myself electric. I have spent  the first year mostly on theory, but now I'm trying to memorize a few all-purpose scales. Memorize is the hard part-not playing them. Kind of doing chords at the same time. Definitely DO NOT practice enough.

Now, maybe you could tell me how to get my name and avatar up there? Please?

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