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Hello to the lovely people reading this!

I have no idea if I'm doing this right since this is my first post but here I go:

I need some advice. I mean I'm not exactly new to playing the guitar since I've been playing for several years but I've mostly been focusing on classical music and fingerpicking instead of "regular" music runs on the radio. Now some of my friends and I would like to start a band as a kind of school project and I was "chosen" as the lead guitarist. One of the songs we'd like to cover is "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons. Instead of the regular version, we are trying to rearrange the acoustic version, since nobody owns a mandolin. This is where I'm stuck. In the beginning and throughout the first verse Wayne Sermon (the guitarist) plays some kind of riff, and no matter what I try I cannot do it. I've tried everything, even different tuning. And now I've come here to ask for some advice.

The reference video I was using is this one: 


They usually play the acoustic version in the key of A, so any other video/recording in the right key would be just as good I guess. In   this video the guitarist's fingers are good to see, I don't know if that's useful in any way.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

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