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Eddy Cole

beautiful strap

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beautiful strap, really high quality. i picked off the plectrum holder/logo because it looks a bit cheap and brings down the overall look. completely happy with it now. very '90s. buy the yellow variant immediately if your desired aesthetic is frasier crane. 


Those are cool straps.  I used to have quite a collection of straps.  Over the decades I have settled on black leather, 2.4" to 3.5" wide.  The 5 guitars I can see from my keyboard all have black leather straps.  I still have a dozen or so straps in a drawer.  Hanging on the wall of my man cave is the strap I used in 1978.  Peace signs and doves.  Could it be more old hippy?

OldStrap - 1.jpg

OldStrap - 2.jpg

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Warning heeded

It's not quite as nasty as a hard road used SM58 mic.  I've seen them so bad the holes in the mesh pop filter are filled with years of spit and beer.  They are also aromatic.

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