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Coillab Ideas

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Happy to say that Paul (Sheraton) is back on the GFB bus, and is willing to give more collaborations a go. I posted some rather ordinary ideas over at Sheraton's  'How Do Folks' post but he gave me an idea and I've come up with something that is at least different...plus another one that's a bit weird but definitely 'original'


The 'usual' applies: everyone's encouraged to contribute, change, delete, add, switch around etc whatever works for you if you can fit some of the lines or ideas into a song.


Song 1

Practicing mindlessness all day

Poured coffee on my Wheaties

Lost my keys, put on odd socks

Bought some sweeties that were freebies


Tripped over in the park

Dropped my wallet down a drain

Couldn’t find my way back home

And then forgot my name


Well here we finally go then

People finally changing their minds

That’s OK if you know where your mind is

All my friends are being kind


Yesterday, I sang at a gig

I guess I had a great time

Started singing into a bottle

Then forgot the end of a line


I try to look on the bright side

I know that’s nothing new

I’m having one of those days again

Nothing going the way it should do


I wish I was back where I came from

But who knows where that might be

Practicing mindlessness didn’t work out (for me)

Found mindlessness practicing me


Song 2

Paparazzi jumped my wall today

Took photos of me in the garden

(So I) Hid my face with a spade

No Excuse-me, no beg(ging) your pardon


The weather was growing hotter

The faces became more familiar

Do I look like some kind of pin-up boy?

We don’t care, we just want to sell ya’


Found myself in a snow drift

Built an ice cave to hide for a while

It melted - I then caught pneumonia

Overall I had a good time


The dreams of poets contain beauty

But sadly I don’t have that gift

We’re all so small in the universe

So we sing [songs] and hide in snow-drifts




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Hey Doug, thanks, glad to see you dropping my at GFB.

Hint: Feel free to try to put some of these ideas/lines into a song...   ;) 

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