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Hi, my name is Luis and i´ve just started a new project: Electric Guitar Orchestra. The idea behind this is using electric instruments to recreate big orchestrations of classical music. I play all the instruments (included the intro song). Well, hope u enjoy and of course criticism is welcome. Feel free to comment or discuss about my first orchestration : "Winter" (Vivaldi). 

Here´s the link:




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    • By MikkoKarhula

      If you wonder what would you play in christmas party, here could be one option. i made arrangement of Jean Sibelius' Christmas carol "En etsi valtaa, loistoa". It's about 100 years old but still beloved christmas song in Finland. The lyrics are about praying world peace and happy christmas both for rich and poor.

      There is first verses played in normal speed and then slowed with notation and tabs. I hope you like it! 

      Kindest, Mikko
    • By Idov Shai
      Me playing The Lowest Common Denominator by Null1
    • By Mark Hussey
      Hello everyone,
      Looks like i've missed out on what appears to be a great community. I'm an all round guitarist based in the UK currently focussing on fingerstyle and classical guitar. I hope to make a few posts in the forum shortly. For now here is one example
      All of me - fingerstyle
      More on me, my music and other arrangements at
    • By VascoGuitar
      My name is Vasco Machiavelo and here I am playing an interpretation of Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee with my good friend André Pires accompanying me on the piano. Hope you enjoy and feel free to subscribe to my channel on YouTube!

    • By yujieff
      Hello all,
      This is another video I made a few days ago. This time I am using a microphone borrowed from my friend. It sounds so much nicer!
      Hope you like this short and simple piece.
      If you want to give it a try, the tab is at the back of the video.
      More videos are coming...

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