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Classical Gas time signatures??

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Hello, I am a ballet teacher who is wanting to use Classical Gas for a ballet piece. Can anyone tell me the time signatures, and possibly where they change in the piece, or how many measures there are of each time signature? Thank you!!

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Starts off in 3/4

switches to 4/4

goes back to 3/4

there's a couple of places that does a bar of 5/4, bar of 6/4 and then to 4/4

nearing the end of the song there's a part that does a bar of 5/4, the a few bars of 6/4 to 4/4 and the song ends in 4/4

I only know this because I purchased the notation/tab (but have yet to learn it)

As to where they change in the piece I couldn't tell you because simply counting the bars doesn't cut it with repeats and coda's etc, you should be able to 

hear changes by ear. 


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