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Are my expectations too high?

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Hey guys,


I'm looking for my first electric guitar and after reading some posts related to what to look for in a first guitar on the forums here,  here's my issues/questions.


I have idolized slash from guns and roses as my all time favorite guitar player since I was about 12 or 13 years old. He is what has ultimately inspired me to want to learn to play electric guitar and as a result i have researched the Gibson brand only to find that they are out of my price range. I understand that I don't have to have an exact copy of his beloved instrument in order to play as he does, but i am not partial to the mentality of buying dirt cheap and expecting million dollar results. You get what you pay for and i always try my best to do these type of things right the first time. My budget for my first electric guitar is approximately $300-400 and I am eye hustling an ibanez for this investment because I have seen and heard this brand in action and in person and was impressed. As time goes on, I will upgrade the guitar or buy a better option as my skill grows, not if, but when. I am determined to see this through.


My favorite guitarists are as follows: Slash, Zacc Wylde, and Dimebag Darrel Abbott.


Would an ibanez be a logical choice for wanting to learn the styles of the artists above? 


I'm in the process of learning what humbuckers, pickups, action, etc. Is  and what parts they play on the instrument so upgrading any components on the guitar will be a down the road investment. 


I'm already fairly certain that the ibanez will be the purchase because fit and feel are spot on in my opinion. I'm open to any and all criticism because as I said before, I want to do this right the first time or at least the best I can within my budget.


Thank you all guys!



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8 minutes ago, Father Goose said:

An amplifier! Dont forget the amp :)




Ahh yes! I have one in mind made by Line 6. It retails for $119 at the place I intend to purchase. I guess I shouldve added that detail lol Thanks for the reminder!

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Sounds like you've already made up your mind. If the guitar talks to you, go for it.



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