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Someone needs to post something, so I will.  I made this video just to published it here.  Its a relatively new Lewis & Walker song, recorded in 2016. A country waltz.



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I reckon that is a killer song! You were always good at writing a good tune.  The lyrics are pretty dark!!! Many of us here remember when you were in less pain than you have been having recently, and really hope/wish that some good times will come again for you soon. 

In the mean time, you can still pump out a great song [lyrics, vocals, tune, guitar playing, video and recording mix] that is far better than most members here can manage, or even dream of - I'm speaking mainly for myself here, and other struggling wannabe singer songwriters! :)  Great song.

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Yes, I have trouble writing joyous music because I don't feel that way.  The past decade of my life has killed any thrill of living.  With current medical knowledge, there is no cure for Meniere's, and current medicine knows it to be progressive.  So I have that to look forward to.  I've just written another depressing song as a country waltz.  It will take months before I can sing it close enough to fix in post-production.

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I can definitely understand how it feels to lose a part of you that meant so much. There is nothing wrong with depressing songs at all, in fact a lot of my favourite songs aren't exactly the happiest songs out there. They are chronicles of person/family problems, loss, and raw "in the moment" emotion as I like to call it. It's those kind of songs that really have the most meaning.


When I listened to this, it reminded me so much of a song my classmate wrote about developing vocal nodes and how she could no longer sing like she used to, which was her livelihood.


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Thanks for listening and commenting.  Yes, emotional pain is good for songwriting, but bad for everything else. 


I haven't had a classmate for more than 40 years.

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      The video is over a small patch of Open Space containing Tollgate Creek.  I stopped before crossing Quincy Blvd, but the creek goes under the road and continues to Quincy Reservoir.  I never knew there was actually water flowing in this tiny creek.  Also featured is the silliness that is "Lewis & Walker."  The video is just to give listeners something to look at while listening on YouTube.  Its mostly a small patch of of a large stretch of wild in the suburbs.  Even though surrounded by "civilization," there are, at times, coyotes in this area, and well as rabbits, squirrels, snakes, and most of what is natural for this climate.   The Open Space runs for many miles.  This is a tiny piece.
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      Carl's bass part really swings.
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      There was a young lady named Bright
      Who's speed was much faster than light
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      In a relative way
      And returned on the previous night
      Working title was BluesLick and later renamed "Higher" by Carl.
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