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Mark Hussey

Classical guitar mix at St Peters Church

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Enjoyed listening. Is your guitar from a Spanish luthier, made in Spain ?  Sounds really beautiful.

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      It's now almost one year since the sad passing of the wonderful vocalist and songwriter George Michael. I figured I'd pay tribute to my fellow half Cypriot with my solo arrangement of Careless Whisper. 
      I hope you like it.
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      I find Bulgarian choir music very beautiful and interesting. I made my own harmonization of song called Vecheryai, Rado (Вечеряй, Радо). It's originally composed in three voice harmony. You can check it out from Youtube. Composer is Philip Koutev. If you are interested you can find the transcription of this arrangement from my website.
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      Wishing you all a great weekend. With last night off work I decided to post my arrangement and performance of this great Luiz Bonfa tune. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy playing it

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      This is my self composed tune, i call it enchanted heart, its in D ... tried using harmonics, sounds a lil buzzy in between as m a learner ...
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      This is another tone self composed , jus trying to learn new things, check this out

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