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Yuval Idisis

Rc-300 mic and loops

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First of all I'm from israel so my English is a little off...sorry about that.

Well. After a long research, I desided to buy the rc-300.(I'll have it in few days) I'm a singer/songwriter so it is an excellent piece of gear to preform live with.

I'm using 2 mic setup(1 mic to the looper, the second is going to the PA) and an acoustic guitar.

I just have 1 little question:

If I'm recording/overdubing the guitar...the "loop mic" might pick up some of the sound?...is there a way to bypass that? I mean I can use headphones...but sometines i preform in pubs..so no😂 or maybe I can buy a footswitch to the mic soo i could loop guitar only/guitar+mic?

Whats are your suggestions? Do you have any other solution?

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